The objective of the Training Course is to provide in a simple and comprehensible way the most up-to-date knowledge, and to develop the necessary skills for the effective development and administration of social enterprises.

Following the development of the Training Course, a hundred and twenty (120) interested individuals (60 from each country), with priority for the target groups of the partners, will be trained in the field of social entrepreneurship and economy.

Throughout the Programme, the participants from Bulgaria and Greece will be able to use the OPEN eCLASS Educational Platform of the EMaTTech. In addition, during the last week of the Programme (5th week) the EMaTTech will organize an experiential training for the Greek participants, which will be held in Kavala.

The Training Course lasts 5 weeks; successful completion leads to a Certificate on "Social Entrepreneurship". The first 4 weeks include distance learning through the e-learning platform of the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology. In addition, during the last week of the course (5th week), the EMaTTech will organize experiential learning in Kavala for the Greek participants.

The attendance is free of charge for all participants.

Detailed description of the training course

The educational material is available in: