A glass greenhouse for flowers with a modern design and equipment was built in the municipality of Gotse Delchev. Seeds and cuttings will be planted in it, as well as flowers and deciduous ornamental plants will be grown. They will mainly be used for spring and autumn flowering of the public areas in the municipality - alleys, inter-block spaces, children's and sports grounds, yards of municipal health and social institutions in the town of Gotse Delchev. The greenhouse employs people from vulnerable social groups, who are given a chance and support for employment, vocational training and the acquisition of additional social skills.

The new site is implemented in the framework of the project "Support of social enterprises and promotion of employment", acronym SoSEDEE, funded by contract №B2.9s.01 under the Cross-border Cooperation Program INTERREG VA Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020, by creating a the social enterprise "Color City" .

The greenhouse is designed and built of steel and glass, with well-formed flooring of polished granite. The total built-up area of the site is 383 m2. In addition to the glass greenhouse there are 6 covered greenhouses, with an area of 17 m2 each and 2 open beds, each with an area 18 m2. The greenhouse is modernly equipped and has all modern facilities with automated control of temperature, humidity, irrigation, shading. To achieve optimal conditions for growing and production of flowers and shrubs, the necessary installations have been built:

  • Ventilation installation with 14 ventilation frames located on both sides of the ridge;
  • Shading installation - located horizontally at the level of the trusses. The selected shielding sheets have a high energy saving effect, which significantly reduces the cost of heating at night and on sunless days in winter;
  • Fogging installation - located longitudinally above each row under the shielding sheets, serving to suppress the heat in the greenhouse and providing air humidity;
  • "Tide-Low Tide" tables - enabling automatic watering of potted crops, their feeding and application of plant protection products;
  • Irrigation system that supplies water to the racks. Pre-tempered tank water is used for this purpose. An injector mixer for feeding food additives is also provided;
  • Heating system - the heating is provided through horizontally mounted smooth steel pipes, with additionally provided hot air devices;
  • Ventilation system - ventilation is carried out in a natural way, by opening elements of the facade and roof of the building. Forced ventilation is also provided, which will be used mainly during the winter months;
  • Gas pipeline installation.

The production process in the greenhouse area is organized on 180/450 cm mobile shelving tables. The cultivation area has compartments for seed propagation, vegetative propagation (planting and rooting cuttings) and a compartment for growing seedlings. All species popular in the current practice of flowering of green areas, which are suitable for the climatic conditions in the region, are grown. They cover the three groups of seasonal flowers, providing a year-round decorative effect: flowering species and deciduous ornamental species for spring/autumn and summer flowering. Among the great variety of flowers are species such as Digitaria exilis, Garden Begonias, Salvia splendens , Hybrid Gazanias, Pelargonium , Portulaca grandiflora , Plectranthus scutellarioides , Kalanchoe blossfeldiana , Bellis perennis , Myosotis sylvatica  and others. During their cultivation the established technological schemes of the flower production practice in our country are followed - standard inventory, soil mixtures and cultivation containers are used.

The greenhouse has a farm one-storey building and an administrative part. The administrative department is equipped with the necessary equipment and office furniture. There is a workplace, a rack and a visitors waiting room. Two more living quarters for the staff and a rest room have been created.

All newly designed buildings are located in the property of "House of Youths". For the good organization of the whole process, two main car accesses points to the new buildings have been designed. There is a south yard with a place for outdoor seedlings and parking for staff. The southern roadway is suitable for loading and transportation of finished products. The boiler room, the pump room and the workshop are accessible from the North side. There is a parking space for the staff's cars and there is a separate parking lot for 2 cars.

The Municipal Social Enterprise "Color city" provides opportunities for sheltered employment of persons leaving specialized institutions, as well as employment of people with disabilities in the Municipality of Gotse Delchev, as an innovative form of social service to create a supportive environment for active social inclusion.

Gotse Delchev Municipality is a leading beneficiary of the project "Support of social enterprises and promotion of employment", with the acronym SoSEDEE and joined the Cooperation Program INTERREG VA Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020, in order to improve the lives of people living in the cross-border region To Bulgaria. The aspiration of the Municipality is to develop the greenhouse as a successfully functioning enterprise with a social cause and significant social effect, with a clear perspective for a sustainable future and social commitment.


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