In the framework of the SoSEDEE Project, the Municipality of Gotse Delchev (Lead Beneficiary of the Project) has undertaken the construction of the “Color City” greenhouse, aiming to contribute to the employment of vulnerable groups and serve social and public interest. Flowers and bushes will be grown in the greenhouse, and the seedlings obtained will be used for the seasonal colouring of public areas.

The construction works include one main building (the largest in volume) and two one-floor, smaller buildings attached to the main building from the north and east. The main building has a built-up area of 383 sqm and an effective area of 279 sqm. Outside the main building, there will be six covered greenhouses of 17 sqm and two open-air areas of 18 sqm. Greenhouse temperature, humidity, irrigation and shading will be automated, while there will be a horizontal canvas mounted at the level of the structure roof, with a high energy saving effect. This canvas will overshadow the greenhouse if necessary.

The greenhouse can be approached from a) the south side, for the loading and transport of integrated products, and b) the north side, with access to the service premises, such as boiler room, pumping room, workshop and equipment shed. Furthermore, the administrative department will be located on the east side of the main building. This includes the sanitary premises, with dressing rooms for men and women, and a lunchroom with a small kitchen.

Construction works started on 22.10.2018, when the necessary documents were issued, and are expected to be completed in the upcoming weeks.