On July 3 in the hall of the Municipal Council, Gotse Delchev, an information event was held to create a network of permanent support with the participation of local and regional representatives of various social institutions. The event is implemented under the project “Support of Social Enterprises and Enhancement of Employment”, acronym SoSEDEE, funded by a grant agreement №B2.9c.01/27.07.2017 under the Cross-border Cooperation Program INTERREG V-A Greece - Bulgaria 2014 – 2020.

The new social enterprise Tsveten grad, which was established under the cross-border project, was presented during the event. It was established by Municipal Council Resolution № 718/24.04.2019. For the successful functioning and implementation of its social mission, the employees on an employment contract were engaged and the municipal property was provided - greenhouse and office building, bathroom and storage.

Mrs. Emilia Trahanarova - Tsveten grad manager, presented the organization of work in the social enterprise, emphasizing the opportunities it provides. She stressed that the greenhouse is modernly equipped, with automated control of temperature, humidity, irrigation, shading. The social enterprise provides an opportunity to provide an innovative form of social support for sustainable and inclusive development and overcoming the social challenges of people from vulnerable groups. Ms. Trahanarova has said that people with TEMP and disabilities work in the greenhouse, and employees of pre-retirement age are also hired. They are extremely diligent and 50% of them have already learned to perform their duties successfully. The employees of the social enterprise participate in the landscaping of the central park and all green areas in the municipality.

The greenhouse grows violets, apples, various types of pelargonium and more. The social enterprise already offers the service of maintaining green areas to private individuals, said the manager of the social enterprise.

Mr. Bashliev from TPK - Blagoevgrad congratulated the team for the successful establishment of the social enterprise and stressed that one of the main functions of social enterprises is labor rehabilitation. He also made special wishes for fruitful work and social support for the representatives of the vulnerable groups from the municipality of Gotse Delchev.

As a part of the project “Support of Social Enterprises and Enhancement of Employment”, acronym SoSEDEE, a business and marketing plan was developed, the greenhouse to sell flowers to neighboring municipalities, citizens and businesses. With experience, the social enterprise will be able to grow more exotic and expensive plants.

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