"Actοἶδα" is an innovative community-based Social Cooperative Enterprise based in Alexandroupolis, operating since November 2019. Its story began a year ago when five members of the interdisciplinary team of the SOS Children's Village Thrace participated in the Social Entrepreneurship Educational Program of the SoSEDEE project, which completed and initiated their own Social Enterprise. After a free concession, it is based at the facilities of SOS Children's Village Thrace, Aristino, Alexandroupolis.

The activities of the "Actοἶδα" aim at meeting the needs of the local community, including:

  • Manufacture of handmade useful and decorative products respecting the environment.
  • Provision of social services addressed to children, elderly and persons with disabilities and chronic diseases, through various actions.
  • Organization of cultural and artistic events aimed at promoting the independent cultural creation of people that face barriers in accessing the labour market.
  • Counselling services for the psychosocial rehabilitation of older people, people with disabilities and chronic diseases.
  • Implementation of workshops for psychomotor rehabilitation therapy.

"Actοἶδα" was created with the support of the Project “Support of Social Enterprises Development and Enhancement of Employment / SoSEDEE”, and consists one of the two social enterprises that will be developed within the project, receiving consulting support and guidance. The support that "Actοἶδα" receives is coordinated by the partner in charge within SoSEDEE project, SOS Children's Villages, and includes:

  • Developing a business plan tailored to its specific needs.
  • Developing a marketing plan for market access.
  • Counselling and guidance as well as support in the process of its formal establishment.
  • Networking with local public and private partners to enter the market.
  • Provision of the necessary equipment such as computers, printers, materials such as recycled and natural materials etc.

Find out more information about Actοἶδα on its official Facebook page and Instagram page.
Contact Actοἶδα at actoida.koinsep@gmail.com