A Business Plan is a written description of the business model that is expected to follow systematically in the future by the Social Co-Operative Enterprise (S.C.E. «ACTΟἶΔΑ»). Its purpose is to analyze the existing situation, both of the enterprise and the market, considering all possible parameters that may have an impact, positive or negative, on the economic development and viability of the enterprise.

Making a business plan is a useful and necessary tool for every enterprise and is determined by the type and the needs of an enterprise.

The Business Plan was carried out under the "WP4: Establishment & operation of Social Enterprises" Deliverable "D4.2.1: Development of business plan & transferable tool with success factors", under the framework of SoSEDEE project. 

The Business Plan is available in GR and the executive summary in EN.

Download the Business Plan in Greek and the executive summary in English

Download the transferable tool analysis