This marketing plan is developed for a period of two years and it has purpose to bring out the main factors, who influence the market related to the supply and demand of services and products for landscaping and flowering and, in particular, to achieve success in the functioning of the social enterprise "Colorful city" as an economic unit. In this regard, as a single part of this document is considered the specific concept of the proposed product, fair pricing, respecting the principles of "pricing" in the social economy, distribution and promotion of services offered.

The Marketing Plan was carried out under the "WP4: Establishment & operation of Social Enterprises" Deliverable "D4.1.3 - Elaboration of marketing plan for access to the market and consulting", under the framework of SoSEDEE project. 

The Marketing and Mentoring Plan are available in BG and the executive summary in EN.

Download the Marketing plan.pdf  in Bulgarian and the executive summary.pdf in English.