Mentoring and development of a marketing plan to access the market. The purpose of developing a marketing plan is to achieve economic growth, improvement, sustainable development and at the same time to achieve social benefit.  The emergence of the added value of its products and services, which is the economic and social integration of vulnerable population through actions of social impact and benefits, is particularly essential for the diversification of the Social Co-Operative Enterprise.

The result of this diversification will be the emergence of a competitive advantage in consumer perception and the awareness of stakeholders (organizations, associations, consumers, entrepreneurs) of Actοἶδα’s social mission.

The Business Plan was carried out under the "WP4: Establishment & operation of Social Enterprises" Deliverable "D4.2.3: Mentoring and marketing plan to access the market", under the framework of SoSEDEE project. 

The Marketing and Mentoring Plan are available in GR and the executive summary in EN.

Download the Business Plan in Greek and the executive summary in English

Download the mentoring plan