The general objective of this report is to provide a non-exhaustive overview of the profile of the social economy enterprises and their eco-systems in the cross-border area of the CP INTERREG Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020. The specific objective is to use the outcomes of the study and surveys in order to develop and provide a high quality Social Entrepreneurship training package that is adapted to the main characteristics and challenges of the social entrepreneurs and the target groups of the project partners (vulnerable and professionally and financially challenged young people) in the cross-border area. 

Specifically, it explores the recent evolutions and the emergent concepts of social economy in Greece and Bulgaria alongside with the public support policies in terms of legal framework and support measures for the development of the sector during the last decade. Furthermore, it attempts to provide a picture of the size of the sector (statistical information on the number of social enterprises, the field of their activity, the income and the employment they produce, etc.) in the cross border area as well as a notion of the profile of the current and potential social entrepreneurs in terms of their mentality with regard to social entrepreneurship, their personal characteristics, their educational background and skills. Last but not least, it presents the main challenges the sector and its entities are facing as well as the main recommendations that are proposed according to official reports and surveys.

The report was carried out under the "WP3: Education & training of social enterpreneurs" Deliverable D3.3.1 Synthetic Report on the profile of the SEs in the  cross border area and catalogue with existing training courses in Greece and Bulgaria. Scientific support in methodology, development of questionnaires and interview guides

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