The social entrepreneurship training package was developed based on the synthetic report of the program as well as the academic experience of the university faculty and external expertise from consultants and experts in social entrepreneurship. The training package covers the unique needs and characteristics of the target groups of the project partners in the cross-border area of the CP INTERREG Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020. 

The syllabus of the course is designed to help participants (potential or current entrepreneurs) move their mission forward by learning how to apply knowledge and skills in social entrepreneurship. After this training participants will be able to conceive, plan or further improve their own social ventures and maximize social impact. Successful completion of the training course is accompanied a Certificate on "Social Entrepreneurship". 

The detailed syllabus of the the training course on social entrepreneurship is available in Greek, Bulgarian and English. Was carried out under the "WP3: Education & training of social enterpreneurs", Deliverable  3.3.2 Development of the Syllabus.  

A short description is available here.

Download syllabus in GreekBulgarian and English.

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